We are a Presbyterian church which means that we are ruled by a group of elders called a ‘session. Indeed, the word ‘presbyterian’ comes from the Greek word used in the Bible for ‘elder’. This group of elders is responsible to ensure there is accountability and shared responsibility for the care of the church. Some of these elders have the added responsibility of being the primary teachers of the congregation and they are often called minsters. Presbyterian churches are also connected to regional and national bodies of elders that rule the church in a region or nation. Our church is a part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales.

The members of our session with their contact details are listed below.

Matthew Jolley


Matthew grew up in Wigan in Lancashire. He obtained a Maths degree in 2002 from Queen Mary college, London, then served as a youth worker and assistant minister in churches in the USA for seven years. In 2008 Matthew studied at London Theological Seminary before being ordained into the ministry and the pastorate in Bury St Edmunds Presbyterian Church in 2010. Matthew is married to Kristen and they have three children, Wesley, Elizabeth and Theo.


Gordon Macintyre


Gordon is an elder of Bury St Edmunds Presbyterian Church and is married to Dani. They have three children, Calum, Bryony and Becky.

Kevin McGrane


Kevin is an elder in the church and is married to Margaret. They have one daughter, Agnes.

Jake Ashmore


Jake is an elder in the church and is married to Ieva. Jake is a serving airman with the United States Airforce and was ordained as an elder in 2016. Jake and Ieva have three children, Daniel, Becky and Abby.