We must deny ourselves and look to Christ so that we may escape the subtle and powerful malady of self-seeking.
God's great concern in this world is the building up of His work in the church and in us, personally!

This passage shows us three things about the touch of Christ and our salvation. 1. Christ's Compassionate Touch 2. Christ's Powerful Touch 3. Christ's Hand Sending Us Out
Peter gives us a strategy for coping with the cares of life.

The Humility of Christ

November 4, 2018
Christ's baptism gives us an example of His humility and helps us as we seek to live for God.
The parable of the pharisee and the tax collector teaches us about our lack of goodness and points us to humbly rely on the God who exalts the humble.
In its context, the parable of the persistent widow is helpful in understanding how we ought to respond to injustice as Christians.
The Pharisees and scribes murmured at Jesus for the cause of receiving publicans and sinners. But Jesus explains in the three following parables how He searches for the lost and…