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Meet the Christian

November 18, 2012
What is a Christian? Peter was a simple fisherman who was changed forever by meeting Jesus. From him we learn a Christian is a miracle!

Meet the Servant King

November 11, 2012
The glory of Jesus Christ is how he is both God and man, a King and a servant. What does the bible mean by the kingdom of God?

Meet the Exorcist

November 4, 2012
The bible records Jesus defeating many demons - are they real? What does it mean for us today and what does it tell us about Jesus?

Meet the neighbours

October 28, 2012
When Jesus preached in his home town he provoked a riot with his radical message of grace - what effect will it have on you?
What is prayer all about? Why pray? The Bible teaches us it is about knowing God and enjoying fellowship with Him

Meet the Slanderer

October 21, 2012
Jesus began His ministry in an expected way, by traveling into the wilderness where He was confronted by a powerful evil the Slanderer

Meet the family

October 14, 2012
Why does the Bible record the genealogy of Jesus? Why is the family of Jesus so important and what does it mean for us?

Meet the Trinity

October 7, 2012
When Jesus came to be baptised, something incredible happened. There was a new revelation of the Trinity

Meet the King

September 30, 2012
John the Baptist came to announce the coming of the Saviour...are you ready to meet the King?
In Lukes Gospel the eyewitness testimony of many people who met Christ is recorded. Their lives were changed forever when they met the Saviour
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