Many Christians feel powerless in the Christian life. The good news is God has promised to us the power of His Holy Spirit.
Many Christians struggle with feeling unworthy. The good news is in Christ we are made worthy to serve God
At the end of the crucifixion the centurion is prompted to say 'Truly this man was the Son of God.'

Jesus sends out the seventy

February 23, 2014
Jesus sends out the seventy (in twos) to say the Kingdom of God has come nigh unto you.

The water of life

February 23, 2014
The woman at the well had a life changing encounter with Christ. So can you.
Is there any hope for the world? The good news of Jesus Christ is there is hope: The return of Christ

Nicodemus: Born Again!

February 16, 2014
Nicodemus comes to Christ
Why do we have so many conflicts with other people? James gives us practical advice to help make peace where there is conflict
When we are discouraged we may have low expectations of God. God gave Zechariah a vision of the future glory, safety, and blessing of His people.
How to live a Christian life that is truly pleasing to God
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