The Victorious God

September 5, 2010
In lifes battles, to have the strength to stand we need to trust in the victorius God

The God who forgives

August 29, 2010
The people of God had sinned terribly and were banished into exile. Can God forgive sin, even the worst sins we can imagine?

The call to persevere

August 22, 2010
The Christian life is not easy, but is an uphill battle. When the going gets tough we must seek the strength to keep going from God.

The Kingdom

August 15, 2010
We all wonder about the future -what will it bring? Will everything be ok? Can we have hope when everything is going against us? In troubled times God gave Daniel…
God is faithful to His people, even in the most dire circumstances. As Daniel faced death in a pit of lions, The God of vindication was about to act.
King Belshazzar boasted he was the ruler of the world, but the handwriting was on the wall when he met the God of judgment and mercy.
Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, thought he was the master of the world - but he was about to be humbled by meeting The God who is in control
Daniels friends were forced to make a stand for their trust in God, and faced death as a consequence...but the Babylonians did not know The God who is able to…

The God of Wisdom

July 11, 2010
When facing death, Daniel found the strength to save his friends and to thrive in Babylon - because he knew the God of wisdom.

Between Two worlds

July 4, 2010
How can we learn to stand faithfully in Christians in a time when many people are opposed to our faith? Daniel was a courageous man of God who was faithful…
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